Title Date Initiated Stage Completion Submission Reference
VoLL 2008 Review 2008-02-21 Review completed 2008-04-18 REL0020
Differences between actual and forecast demand in network regulation 2013-02-14 Review completed 2013-04-26 EPR0035
Determination of Schedule for the Administered Price Cap 2007-11-05 Review completed 2008-05-21 EMO0003
Review of Competition in the Retail Electricity and Natural Gas Markets in NSW 2012-12-13 Review completed 2013-10-31 RPR0001
Review of distribution reliability outcomes and standards - NSW Workstream 2011-11-03 Review completed EPR0027
Power of Choice - Stage 3 DSP Review 2011-03-29 Review completed 2012-11-30 EPR0022
Review of Mainland Frequency Operating Standards during Periods of Supply Scarcity 2008-03-18 Review completed 2009-04-16 REL0030
Comprehensive Reliability Review 2005-12-06 Review completed 2007-12-21 REL0001
Gas market scoping study 2013-05-09 Review completed 2013-09-27 GPR0001
Impact of the enhanced Renewable Energy Target on energy markets 2010-09-16 Review completed 2011-12-09 EMO0017
Review of the effectiveness of competition in the electricity retail market in the ACT 2010-03-04 Review completed 2011-03-03 EPR0017
Management of Negative Inter-regional Settlements Residues 2013-04-18 Review completed 2014-02-20 EPR0032
System Restart Standard 2011-11-04 Review completed 2012-04-12 REL0045
Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) Guidelines 2008-08-15 Review completed 2008-11-24 REL0026
Last Resort Planning Power Guidelines 2010-03-09 Review completed 2010-05-18 EMO0005
National Transmission Planner 2007-07-03 Review completed 2008-07-22 EPR0003
Review of the Effectiveness of Competition in the Electricity and Gas Retail Markets - Victoria 2007-05-25 Review completed 2008-02-29 EOR0008
Annual Market Performance Review 2009 2009-08-17 Review completed 2009-12-18 REL0038
Establishment of First Compensation Guidelines 2009-03-05 Review completed 2009-06-30 EMO0007
Annual Electricity Market Performance Review (2007) 2007-12-18 Review completed 2008-02-27 REL0015
Revised guidelines for intervention by NEMMCO for reliability 2005-02-18 Review completed 2005-09-19 REL0011
Last Resort Planning Power: 2012 Review 2012-12-11 Review completed 2012-12-11 EPR0030
Energy Market Arrangements for Electric and Natural Gas Vehicles 2011-09-05 Review completed 2012-12-11 EMO0022
Review of the Reliability Standard and Settings 2009-05-31 Review completed 2010-04-30 REL0034
Transmission Frameworks Review 2010-04-20 Review completed 2013-04-11 EPR0019
Review into the enforcement of and compliance with technical standards 2005-12-01 Review completed 2006-09-01 EPR0010
Annual Market Performance Review 2011 2011-11-10 Review completed 2012-03-01 REL0046
2013 Residential Electricity Price Trends 2012-12-19 Review completed 2013-12-13 EPR0036
Reliability Panel's review of the guidelines for identifying reviewable operating incidents 2012-05-08 Review completed 2012-12-20 REL0048
Review into the Role of Hedging Contracts in the Existing NEM Prudential Framework 2009-03-03 Review completed 2010-07-27 EMO0008
Reliability Standard and Settings Review 2014 2013-05-09 Publication of final report 2014-07-16 REL0051
Advice on Best Practice Retail Price Regulation Methodology 2013-05-09 Review completed EMO0027
VoLL 2009 Review 2009-03-06 Review completed 2009-04-16 REL0033
Review of the Compensation Guidelines 2010-10-28 Review completed 2011-02-17 EPR0023
Tasmanian reliability and frequency standards review 2006-03-24 Review completed 2006-05-25 REL0002
Review of Frequency Operating Standards for Tasmania 2008-03-18 Review completed 2008-12-18 REL0028
Review of Demand Side Participation in the National Electricity Market 2007-10-23 Review completed 2009-12-07 EPR0002
Compensation claim from Synergen Power 2010-03-24 Review completed 2010-09-08 EPR0016
Review of the national framework for distribution reliability 2013-02-08 Review completed 2013-09-27 EPR0033
Annual Market Performance Review 2012 2012-11-08 Review completed 2013-03-27 REL0050
Review of Template for Generator Compliance Programs 2011-12-21 Review completed 2012-06-27 REL0047
Review of the national framework for transmission reliability 2013-02-08 Review completed 2013-11-01 EPR0028
Review of the Operational Arrangements for the Reliability Standards 2009-03-30 Review completed 2009-12-21 REL0035
Future Possible Retail Electricity Price Movements: 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2013 2010-09-17 Review completed 2011-06-10 EPR0021
Annual Electricity Market Performance Review (2006) 2006-08-24 Review completed 2006-12-21 REL0008
Transmission Reliability Standards Review 2007-08-17 Review completed 2008-09-30 REL0017
Retail Electricity Price Movements 2012 2012-04-17 Review completed 2013-03-22 EPR0029
Energy Adequacy Assessment Projection Review 2012-07-26 Review completed 2013-02-21 REL0049
Reliability Panel Technical Standards Review 2008-02-14 Review completed 2009-04-30 REL0019
Review of Energy Market Frameworks in light of Climate Change Policies 2008-08-25 Review completed 2009-10-08 EMO0001
Review of Electricity Transmission Revenue and Pricing Rules 2006-02-16 Review completed 2006-11-16 ERC0001
Review of national framework for electricity distribution network planning and expansion 2008-12-17 Review completed EPR0015
Review Into the Use of Total Factor Productivity for the Determination of Prices and Revenues 2008-11-21 Review completed 2011-07-07 EMO0006
Review of Arrangements for Compensation following an Administered Price, Market Price Cap or Market 2011-05-26 Review completed EPR0026
VoLL 2007 Review 2007-04-02 Review completed 2007-04-27 REL0005
Congestion Management Review 2005-10-05 Review completed 2008-06-16 EPR0001
Annual Market Performance Review 2010 2010-09-23 Review completed 2010-12-23 REL0042
Determination for System Operating Incidents Guidelines 2006-07-24 Review completed 2006-10-05 REL0012
Template for Generator Compliance Programs 2008-11-21 Review completed 2009-07-31 REL0032
Review of the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) 2010-07-05 Review completed 2011-04-21 REL0041
Strategic Priorities for Energy Market Development 2011-04-01 Review completed 2011-10-20 EMO0011
Review of the Effectiveness of NEM Security and Reliability Arrangements in light of Extreme Weather Events 2009-05-21 Review completed 2010-05-31 EMO0010
Possible Future Retail Electricity Price Movements: 1 July 2011 to 30 June 2014 2011-03-31 Review completed 2011-12-09 EPR0025
Framework for open access and communication standards 2013-07-25 Review completed 2014-04-10 EMO0028
Consultation on the Amended RERT Guidelines 2010-01-25 Review completed 2010-06-16 REL0039
Review of the Effectiveness of Competition in Electricity and Gas Retail Markets in South Australia 2007-12-13 Review completed 2008-12-18 EMO0004
Review of Electricity Customer Switching 2013-08-07 Review completed 2014-04-10 EPR0038
Review of Distribution Reliability Outcomes and Standards - National Workstream 2012-06-28 Review completed 2013-03-14 EPR0031
Last Resort Planning Power: 2011 Review 2011-07-01 Review completed 2011-11-03 EPR0024
VoLL 2006 Review 2006-02-01 Review completed 2006-04-28 REL0003
NEM Reliability Settings: VoLL, CPT and Future Reliability Review 2008-12-18 Review completed 2008-12-18 REL0024
Request for Advice on Cost Recovery for Mandated Smart Metering Infrastructure 2009-11-19 Review completed 2010-12-22 EPR0018
NEM financial market resilience 2012-06-08 Review completed 2015-03-06 EMO0024
Advice on linking the reliability standard and reliability settings with VCR 2013-10-29 Review completed 2013-12-20 EMO0026
Annual Market Performance Review 2013 2013-09-02 Review completed 2014-05-07 REL0052
Last Resort Planning Power - 2013 Review 2013-05-15 Review completed 2013-12-05 EPR0037
2014 Retail Competition Review 2014-01-17 Review completed 2014-08-22 RPR0002
Strategic Priorities for Energy Market Development 2013 2012-05-15 Review completed 2013-10-23 EMO0025
Annual Electricity Market Performance Review (2008) 2008-09-04 Review completed 2008-12-17 REL0029
Optional Firm Access, Design and Testing 2014-03-06 Publication of final report 2015-07-09 EPR0039
Distribution Reliability Measures 2014-01-30 Review completed 2014-09-18 EPR0041
Template for Generator Compliance Programs Review 2015 2014-11-13 Publication of final report 2015-06-18 REL0054
2015 Retail Competition Review 2014-10-31 Review completed 2015-06-30 RPR0003
Last Resort Planning Power - 2014 Review 2014-07-01 Review completed 2014-11-06 EPR0042
2014 Residential Electricity Price Trends 2014-03-10 Review completed 2014-12-11 EPR0040
Implementation advice on the Shared Market Protocol 2014-12-18 Publication of final report 2015-10-08 EMO0029
East Coast Wholesale Gas Market and Pipeline Frameworks Review 2015-02-20 Review completed 2016-07-28 GPR0003
Review of the Victorian Declared Wholesale Gas Market 2015-03-04 Review completed 2017-07-14 2017-05-11 GPR0002
Annual Market Performance Review 2014 2015-05-13 Publication of final report 2015-07-16 REL0055
Review of the last resort planning power guidelines 2015-07-23 Preparation of final decision 2015-09-24 EPR0047
Strategic Priorities for Energy Market Development 2015 2015-09-10 Review completed 2015-11-26 EMO0030
Barriers to Generators Exiting the Market 2015-04-13 Publication of final report 2015-06-16 EPR0045
2016 Retail Competition Review 2015-10-22 Publication of final report 2016-06-30 RPR0004
Review of the System Restart Standard 2015-11-19 Publication of final report 2016-12-15 2016-10-27 REL0057
Last resort planning power - 2015 review 2015-12-03 Review completed 2015-12-03 EPR0046
2015 Residential Electricity Price Trends 2015-01-01 Publication of final report 2015-12-04 EPR0044
Review of Compensation Guidelines 2016-02-18 Publication of final report 2016-09-08 EPR0048
Annual Market Performance Review 2015 2016-06-16 Review completed 2016-09-01 2016-07-28 REL0058
Review of Reliability Standard and Settings Guidelines 2016-07-07 Publication of final report 2016-11-03 REL0059
System Security Market Frameworks Review 2016-07-14 Review completed 2017-06-27 EPR0053
Coordination of generation and transmission investment 2016-07-18 Preparation of directions paper 2018-05-18 EPR0052
Electricity Network Economic Regulatory Framework Review 2016-08-31 Review completed 2017-07-17 2017-02-02 EPR0050
Review of the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader Guidelines 2016-09-29 Review completed 2016-12-15 2016-11-10 REL0061
Last resort planning power - 2016 review 2016-10-13 Review completed 2016-10-13 EPR0051
Integration of energy and emissions reduction policy 2016-02-18 Publication of final report 2016-12-09 EPR0055
2016 Residential Electricity Price Trends 2016-01-11 Publication of final report 2016-12-14 EPR0049
2017 Retail Energy Competition Review 2016-12-22 Review completed 2017-07-25 RPR0005
Review of regulatory arrangements for embedded networks 2017-01-26 Review completed 2017-11-28 RPR0006
Review of the System Black Event in South Australia on 28 September 2016 2017-01-06 Initiation 2018-04-28 EPR0057
2017 Energy sector strategic priorities 2017-01-13 Publication of final report 2017-11-21 EMO0032
Integration of storage 2015-10-01 Review completed 2015-12-03 SEA0002
Distribution Market Model 2016-12-01 Review completed 2017-08-22 SEA0004
Annual market performance review 2016 2016-07-06 Review completed 2017-05-16 REL0060
Reliability standard and settings review 2018 2017-03-30 Consultation on draft report 2017-12-22 REL0064
Review of the Frequency Operating Standard 2017-03-30 Publication of stage 1 final report REL0065
Review into the scope of economic regulation applied to covered pipelines 2017-05-16 Preparation of final report 2018-03-27 GPR0004
Frequency control frameworks review 2017-07-07 Consultation on draft report 2018-04-24 EPR0059
Reliability Frameworks Review 2017-07-11 Consultation on directions paper 2018-05-18 EPR0060
Annual Market Performance Review 2017 2017-08-08 Publication of final report 2017-09-19 REL0066
Last resort planning power - 2017 review 2017-08-24 Review completed 2017-11-07 2017-11-07 EPR0061
2018 retail energy competition review 2017-12-05 Initiation RPR0007
2017 Residential Electricity Price Trends 2017-11-01 Review completed 2017-12-18 EPR0056
Review of the application of capacity trading reforms in the Northern Territory 2018-01-16 Review completed GPR0006
Biennial review into liquidity in wholesale gas and pipeline trading markets 2018-01-16 Publication of draft report 2018-05-24 GPR0005
Electricity network economic regulatory framework review 2018 2018-02-06 Initiation EPR0062
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