Title Date Reference
Consumer action plan 2019-03-01
How market and emergency reserves work together 2019-02-07
Security and reliability action plan 2019 2019-02-07
How we’re helping to keep the electricity system reliable 2019-02-07
Embedded networks draft report 2 page infographic 2019-01-31
Updating regulatory frameworks for embedded networks draft report 2019-01-31
Protecting consumers in private power networks 2019-01-31
How energy markets are governed 2019-01-24
AEMC 2018 residential electricity price trends 2 page infographic 2018-12-21
Residential electricity price trends around the nation 2018 2018-12-21
Power prices falling overall 2018-12-20
Helping to put the Integrated System Plan into action 2018-12-20
Embedding the Integrated System Plan in the regulatory framework 2018-12-20
Making retailers meet new deadlines for installing electricity meters: infographic 2018-12-06
Stronger protections for customers in hardship 2018-11-15
Security and reliability action plan 2018 2018-11-15
Reducing bill shock by allowing meter self-reads: infographic 2018-10-25
Integrating renewables at the least cost 2018-09-26
Advance notice of price changes: infographic 2018-09-25
Stronger protections for vulnerable customers 2018-09-06
Making it easier to buy and sell gas in Victoria 2018-08-28
Reducing bill shock by allowing meter self-reads 2018-08-09
Working on the nuts and bolts of a resilient power system 2018-07-26
Stronger regulation to cut gas prices for pipeline users 2018-07-03
Stronger regulation of gas pipelines: making it happen 2018-07-03
Implementing the Review into the future security of the National Electricity Market (Finkel Review) 2018-05-31
Supporting the transition to renewables at the least cost 2018-05-31
Supporting a competitive market for distributed energy resources 2018-05-21
Supporting fast response energy five minute settlement final determination 28 November 2017 2018-05-21
What is embedded generation 2018-05-21
Lower prices and better deals for gas pipeline users 2018-02-27
New rules to deliver a stronger, more stable power system: system security final rule determinations September 2017 2017-09-01
Delivering a stronger, more stable power system: overview of system security work program September 2017 2017-09-01
Have your say on draft rules to support new generating technologies: System security draft determinations 2017-06-27
How the spot market works 2017-04-12
Powering Australia: market development key dates 2017-03-06
More options for consumers: Power of choice rules update and embedded networks fina determination 2017-02-28
Keeping the cost of gas as low as possible: Eastern Australia natural gas market today 2017-02-28
Roadmap for east coast gas market reform: Eastern Australia natural gas market today 2017-02-28
Opening the door to new energy products and services: Power of choice rules supporting consumers to manage electricity demand - competition in metering final determination 2017-02-28
Enabling informed decisions on how and when to use electricity as new technologies evolve: Power of choice rules for distribution network pricing final determination 2017-02-28
Bringing down barriers to connecting smaller generators: Power of choice for business consumers under 5A of the electricity rules final determination 2017-02-28
New rules for a changing energy landscape: Power of choice new rules on consumer information, tech-savvy innovation and poles and wires reform 2017-02-28
Delivering smarter energy services: Proposed communication standards for new metering technology final report 2017-02-28
How to make energy shopping easier and improve consumer confidence: Annual retail competition review 2017-02-24
One in five energy consumers need help to make energy savings: Consumer research findings 2017-02-24
Making it easier to buy and sell gas: Redesigning the east coast gas market 2017-02-24
Reducing energy costs through demand response: Demand response mechanism and ancillary services draft determination 2017-02-24
Better information for alternatives to network investment: Local generation network credits draft determination 2017-02-24
Your guide to embedded generation: Local generation network credits draft determination 2017-02-24
AEMC work program: Overview 2015-2016 2017-02-24
Using competition to build transmission at the best price: Transmission connection and planning arrangements final determination 2017-02-24
Security, emissions and prices: Projects on market transformation proceeding in 2017 2017-02-24
Household electricity price trends for next three years: Consumption flat as system feels pressure of coal power station closures 2017-02-24
Fact sheet Power system security 2016-09-30
How electricity distribution networks’ revenues are set and reviewed 2016-03-09
How much power does my household appliances use? 2014-01-02
What is the Net System Load Profile and why does it matter? 2014-01-02
What is Distributed Generation? 2014-01-02
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