Title Speaker Event Date
Consumers the hero on the road to net zero Anna Collyer Financial Review Energy and Climate Summit 2023-10-09
Networks supporting the future energy system 2023-08-02
Criticial regulatory reforms affecting wind energy projects Benn Barr Australian Wind Energy Conference 2023-07-25
Solving the energy puzzle, together Anna Collyer Australian Energy Week 2023-06-20
Helping us to help you: opportunities for large energy users in the transformation Anna Collyer EUAA Annual Energy Conference 2023-05-16
Imagination meets opportunity – thinking differently about building our energy future Anna Collyer National Infrastructure Awards 2023-04-27
Women in Energy: Targets and transformation Anna Collyer Women in Energy & Climate Symposium 2023-03-09
Energy storage systems and the NEM Tim Jordan Australian Energy & Battery Storage Conference 2023-03-07
Smarter, faster, better for consumers Benn Barr Infrastructure Partnerships Australia Energy Symposium 2023-02-28
Benn Barr, CE at State of Energy Research Conference ERICA Benn Barr State of Energy Research Conference ERICA 2023-01-31
Empowering the consumer for a net zero world Anna Collyer Financial Review Energy and Climate Summit 2022-10-11
Developing hydrogen in the NEM Anna Collyer CEDA Energy Series 2022-06-30
Implementing the ESB’s post-2025 market design reforms Anna Collyer Australian Energy Week 2022-06-07
Hydrogen and enabling innovation Anna Collyer Australian Hydrogen Conference 2022-05-31
An AEMC update on approaches to managing the energy transition: Opening Keynote Anna Collyer Enlit 2022 2022-03-16
Looking back at now: viewing the energy transition through a future lens Anna Collyer MEI Symposium 2021-12-03
Australian Energy Week: Keynote Speech Anna Collyer Australian Energy Week 2021-05-25
Renewable energy integration in our national electricity market John Pierce AO 24th Congress of the World Energy Council 2019-09-12
A perspective on Australia's microeconomic reform journey John Pierce AO Australian Institute of Energy and Griffith University 2019-07-18
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