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25 May 2021

Australian Energy Week: Keynote Speech

Anna Collyer, AEMC Chair, at Australian Energy Week.

12 September 2019

Renewable energy integration in our national electricity market

Former AEMC Chair, John Pierce AO, at the World Energy Council.

18 July 2019

A perspective on Australia's microeconomic reform journey

Former AEMC Chair, John Pierce AO, at the Australian Institute of Energy and Griffith University.

Data and Digital Explainers

12 August 2021

Video | Making solar, batteries and new energy technology work for everyone

We’ve developed a long-term, smart solar plan to get more solar into the system.

12 August 2021

Microsite | New energy guide

A quiet transformation is taking place across Australia as homes and businesses invest in Distributed Energy Resources such as rooftop ...

15 July 2021

Video | A better way to read the rules

A new, fully web-published version of the National Electricity Rules is now available, providing a smarter, faster way to use ...

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