The AEMC has published discussion notes from the second meeting of the technical working group, which is helping to inform the AEMC’s assessment of three rule change requests related to facilitating wholesale demand response in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Members of the group are experts from consumer groups, large consumers, network businesses, retailers, technology providers, market bodies and AEMO. The attendees of the meeting are listed below.



Mark Byrne Total Environment Centre
Bridgette Carter Bluescope
Dan Cass The Australia Institute
Nabil Chemali Flow Power
Chris Cormack AEMO

Alex Cruickshank
Oakley Greenwood (representing Lance Hoch, Oakley Greenwood)
Emma Fagan Tesla
Joel Gilmore Australian Energy Council
Rebecca Knights South Australia Government
Matt Lady AER
Craig Memery Public Interest Advocacy Centre
Ben Pryor ERM Power
Jenessa Rabone AGL
Claire Richards Enel X
Jon Sibley ARENA
Georgina Snelling EnergyAustralia
Ben Verdon Energy Queensland

At the meeting on 15 April 2019 the group discussed potential options for facilitating wholesale demand response in the national electricity market and the issues that could arise from each option including:

  • potential regulatory changes that would require retailers in the NEM to offer standardised demand response products to customers
  • baselines for wholesale demand response including:
    • details on the design objectives for baselines 
    • three high level approaches for determining baselines (categorised according to whether settlement and baselines are undertaken centrally or not)
  • whether demand response can be treated equivalently to generation, particularly in relation to scheduling in the wholesale market.

These rule change requests are being progressed as part of the Commission’s broader Reliability work plan.  A draft determination on the rule change request is due to be published in July 2019.

Media: Prudence Anderson, Communication Director, 02 8296 7817; 0404 821 935