The Australian Energy Market Commission is seeking input on a proposal to help consumers needing life support equipment such as kidney dialysis machines to shop around for better deals.

The consultation follows a request from the Energy and Water Ombudsman of New South Wales (EWON) to remove barriers to energy switching for people who need life support equipment.

Under current rules, in some situations, when life support customers move homes or change retailer, they need to provide a new medical certificate.

EWON considers that the costs of securing a new medical certificate each time may deter life support customers from switching.

EWON has requested changes to the National Energy Retail Rules (NERR) to allow outgoing retailers or distributors to share relevant medical information with a new retailer or distributor selected by the customer.

The consultation paper explores EWON’s proposed solution, the issues and implementation challenges. The AEMC has long advocated for giving consumers options in how they use energy and allowing them to actively engage with the retail energy market by shopping around for the best value-for-money deal. We will explore the issues and invite stakeholders to provide feedback on the consultation paper by 3 September 2020.


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