The AEMC is extending the date for publishing the draft determination on the Transmission loss factor rule change request.

The extension is necessary due to the complexity and volume of issues raised by stakeholders in submissions and discussions.  It will also allow the Commission to seek further data and undertake additional analysis.

The draft determination will now be published by 21 November 2019. This will follow publication of the forthcoming concept design paper for the Coordination of generation and transmission investment  (COGATI) review and the final determination for the Transparency of new projects rule change, allowing stakeholders to respond more effectively to the draft determination.

For information contact:

Adviser, Andrew Splatt (02) 8296 0623

Director, Meredith Mayes (02) 8296 7849

Media: Prudence Anderson, Communication Director, 02 8296 7817; 0404 821 935