The AEMC wants your views on a proposed rule to establish a national register of distributed energy resources including small-scale battery storage systems and rooftop solar.

The proposed register would give AEMO and distribution network businesses more data to help keep the power system secure and safe. 

It would also enable more accurate forecasting of consumer demand to help guide longer term decisions on network investment.

Small-scale batteries are being installed in homes and businesses across Australia and are expected to accelerate as costs fall. It has been projected that 100,000 batteries could be installed by 2020, and one million by 2030 . 

To give AEMO and networks the information they need to manage this transformation, the COAG Energy Council proposes establishing a national register of distributed energy resources to be administered by AEMO, with information collected and provided by distribution businesses.

The rule change request follows work by the COAG Energy Council’s Energy Market Transformation Project Team which found the benefits of a register of small-scale battery storage systems would outweigh the costs. It also builds on a Finkel Review recommendation to develop a framework for collecting information on distributed energy resources.

The AEMC has published a consultation paper on the proposal. Submissions are due by 17 April 2018. A template setting out consultation questions is available to help stakeholders provide input on the issues raised in the paper.

The Commission will also hold a stakeholder workshop to discuss the proposal on 27 March 2018 from 10am to 1pm at the AEMC’s office in Sydney. 

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Media: Bronwyn Rosser, 0423 280 341 or (02) 8296 7847