A proposal to collect and publish ‘reason codes’ and ‘recall time’ on generator availability over the medium-term is now open for consultation.

The new consultation paper considers standardised recall time and reason codes, proposed by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) to improve its medium-term projected assessment of system adequacy (MT PASA). 

AEMC and ESB Chair Anna Collyer said the goal was to further support security and reliability as the power system transitions away from thermal generators. 

“AEMO’s rule change notes that the energy market transition is driving changes to the way legacy thermal plants operate, including seasonal shutdowns and cyclical regimes.” Ms Collyer said. 

“These changes bring uncertainty, which creates new challenges in maintaining system security and reliability. We’re seeking our stakeholders’ views on a number of consultation questions as we work through the AEMO proposals.”

AEMO’s request activates one of the Energy Security Board’s post-2025 recommendations agreed by National Cabinet in October 2021. It proposes the collection and publication of ‘reason codes’ for any lack of availability, and the ‘recall time’ taken for a generator to reach full availability after being offline.

This information would be collected via the MT PASA process, which is the principal method AEMO uses to assess and inform the market of the forecast of power system reliability over the medium-term (seven days – 36 months). Currently AEMO collects information from generators about the capacity each dispatch unit can make available on 24 hours’ notice.

AEMO suggests that forewarnings of mothballing and other generator regime changes will improve operational, market and investment decisions by all stakeholders. The information may also inform the Australian Energy Regulator’s market monitoring functions.

Our consultation on AEMO’s proposed rule change will assess:

  • whether this request, or any alternatives, meet the National Electricity Objective
  • whether collecting and publishing additional information through MT PASA will address the issues raised by AEMO
  • what benefits and costs stakeholders can expect to see

Submissions to the consultation paper are open until 3 March 2022. 


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