The AEMC is pleased to announce the appointment of two new representatives to the Reliability Panel.

The Commission has appointed the Public Interest Advocacy Centre’s Craig Memery as the end use customer representative on the Reliability Panel, following consultation with a range of customer representative organisations. Mr Memery has been appointed to replace the outgoing end use customer representative, St Vincent de Paul Victoria’s Manager of policy and research Gavin Dufty. 

The Commission also wishes to thank Mr Dufty for his significant and valued contributions to the Panel representing electricity consumers, particularly Australians in need, for over nine years.   

Incoming Panel member Craig Memery has represented energy users for the last decade, and now leads the PIAC’s Energy and Water Consumer Advocacy Program. The program promotes access to affordable, sustainable energy and water for NSW households, through improvements in policy, regulation and markets that benefit all energy users and targeted supporting measures for people facing hardship and disadvantage. Mr Memery is also a board member of the Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW and Chair of the Australian Energy Regulator’s Consumer Reference Group.

The Commission has also appointed Alinta Energy’s Ken Woolley as the new generator representative on the Reliability Panel. Ken Woolley has been appointed to replace Professor Paul Simshauser, who recently resigned as a generator representative upon moving to take up his new position at Powerlink. When the generator representative nomination and approval process was conducted in late 2019, Mr Woolley was the other nominee who received significant support from generators. He has therefore been appointed to replace Mr Simshauser, given that this process was undertaken recently and there have been minimal changes to the registered generators category since that time.

Ken Woolley is the Executive Director Merchant Energy at Alinta Energy and a Director of Latrobe Valley Power. Mr Woolley is responsible for power generation asset management and operations, wholesale gas, electricity and renewable trading functions and power development at Alinta Energy. He has more than two decades of experience in the energy sector, including roles as Executive Director Power Generation at Alinta Energy and General Manager Power Development at AGL Energy. Mr Woolley holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Monash University and is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers. 

                                              MEMBERS (from 30 June 2020)
Member Organisation Market Segment Term Expiry
Charles Popple (Chair) Chair and AEMC Commissioner AEMC Term expires 16 February 2023
Trevor Armstrong Chief Operating Officer, Ausgrid Distribution Network Service Providers Term expires 31 December 2020
Stephen Clark Technical and Economic Lead – Project Marinus, TasNetworks Transmission Network Service Providers Term expires 17 December 2021
Kathy Danaher Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director, Sun Metals Discretionary Term expires 31 August 2021
Craig Memery (from June 30 2020) Project team leader – Energy + Water Consumer’s Advocacy Program, PIAC End use customer of electricity Term expires 30 June 2023
Chris Murphy Strategic Advisor, Meridian Energy and General Manager - Energy Market Interfaces, Telstra Discretionary Term expires 31 December 2020
Keith Robertson General Manager Regulatory Policy, Origin Energy Market customers Term expires 31 December 2022
Ken Harper Group Manager Operational Support, AEMO AEMO N/A
Ken Woolley Executive Director Merchant Energy, Alinta Energy Generators Term expires 30 May 2023
John Titchen Managing Director, Goldwind Australia Discretionary Term expires 17 December 2021

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