The Australian Energy Market Commission has published materials from a stakeholder briefing and workshop on the Efficient management of system strength on the power system draft rule determination. 
The webinar briefing on 6 May 2021, set out the AEMC’s draft decisions on systems strength and the rationale behind each one. The related workshop allowed stakeholders to engage with us on the draft decisions ahead of the deadline for submissions on 17 June, 2021. 


The rule change request was received from TransGrid in April 2020. It also relates to a number of our recommendations in the final report for the Investigation into system strength frameworks in the NEM

This draft rule on system strength is part of the suite of tools required to keep the power system stable and secure as it decarbonises. System strength is a critical service that supports inverter based resources (IBR), such as wind and solar generation, as well as batteries, which are rapidly becoming a key part of the national electricity market (NEM) generation mix.


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