The Australian Energy Market Commission has published a summary of a stakeholder workshop on a proposal to implement a general power system risk review. 
The workshop was run on the 27 April 2021. The workshop was attended by the AEMC, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), the Energy Networks Australia and network service providers to discuss issues raised in stakeholder submissions to the draft rule.
This workshop was undertaken after the AEMC extended the time for making a final rule to explore issues raised in AEMO’s submission to the draft rule. 
The rule change request comes from a recommendation made by the AEMC in the final report for the Review of the South Australian Black System Event. 
The rule seeks to build on the existing power system frequency review by expanding it to become a general power system risk review (GPSRR). The purpose is to deliver a process for transparently assessing and identifying emerging risks to power system security. 


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