The AEMC will hold stakeholder workshops on Friday 24 June to gather input on two rule change requests from the COAG Energy Council which seek to improve the experience of customers when transferring to new electricity or gas retailers.

One rule request proposes to:

  • introduce an address standard for address data used when customers switch retailers, with the aim of reducing transfer errors and delays
  • strengthen obligations on retailers to promptly resolve erroneous customer transfers (where a transfer is requested but the wrong customer is transferred).

The other rule request proposes to allow small customers with manually-read meters to transfer to a new retailer based on an estimated meter read, rather than an actual meter read. The purpose of this requested change is to reduce the time it takes customers to change to a new electricity retailer.

The initial consultation period for these rule requests commenced on 28 April, and submissions are due by 9 June.

All interested parties should register for the workshops by 17 June. Please click through to register for either the morning, afternoon, or full day of workshops.


Media: Prudence Anderson 0404 821 935 or DL (02) 8296 7817