The Australian Energy Market Commission will hold two public forums this month to share the latest information on the proposed transmission access reform in the national electricity market.

The first webinar on 17 September 2020 will discuss the results of quantitative modelling conducted by NERA Economic Consulting on the benefits of the reforms in the national electricity market (NEM). 

The second webinar on 22 September 2020 will introduce stakeholders to a simplified model of the proposed reforms in action. This forum will help explain to stakeholders how the model will work and also what its benefits are. 

These forums on the proposed transmission access reforms are part of  the transmission access reform work that the Commission is progressing as part of the ESB’s 2025 market design project. The reforms will adapt the grid to new technology like renewables and storage in a way that stands the test of time and keeps power affordable, reliable and secure. 

The results of the quantitative modelling of the impact of introducing the reforms in the NEM will outline the forecast benefits of the reform in the NEM between the proposed implementation date and 2040. This modelling was conducted using a detailed long-term model of the NEM. 

The simplified model of the reforms in action will allow stakeholders to create a network model with inputs in regards to load, generation and transmission capacity that stakeholders can use to see how locational marginal prices (LMP) and financial transmission rights (FTRs) operate in practice and how this might impact stakeholder operations and cashflows. 

The webinars will allow stakeholders to gain an understanding of the impacts of transmission access reform for the NEM and for consumers in particular. It will also allow stakeholders to gain a greater understanding of how the key elements of transmission access reform -- locational marginal prices (LMP) and financial transmission rights (FTRs) -- operate both in general and specific to different assets and operations in the NEM. Both webinars will be helpful in understanding the drivers for implementing access reform and how access reform will work. 

Both the modelling of the net benefits of reform in the NEM by NERA Economic Consulting and the development of the simplified model in action, form part of work currently under way to further develop the proposed transmission access reform package. 

Interested stakeholders can register for the forums via the links below, before 16 September:

Registered participants will receive further details and an agenda ahead of each event. Those registering for the forum on the simplified model will also receive an email outlining instructions on downloading and operating a version of the simplified model. This is recommended, but not essential, in advance of the forum. 

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