The Australian Energy Market Commission today published Version 72 of the National Electricity Rules, which incorporates three new rules:

Schedules 1 and 2 of the National Electricity Amendment (Inter-regional Transmission Charging) Rule 2013 which introduces an inter-regional transmission charge to be levied between transmission businesses in neighbouring regions, better reflecting the benefits transmission provides in supporting energy flows between regions.

The National Electricity Amendment (System Restart Ancillary Services) Rule 2015 which will improve the arrangements for system restart ancillary services in the National Electricity Market, helping to to maintain the reliable supply of electricity to consumers at an efficient cost.

The National Electricity Amendment (Minor Changes) Rule 2015 which corrected minor errors and made non-material changes to the National Electricity Rules.

The Commission publishes a new version of the National Electricity Rules when changes to the rules commence operation.

For further information, contact:

Communications Manager: Prudence Anderson, 02 8296 7800