We are pleased to introduce three new senior advisers Prabpreet Calais, Daniela Moraes and Elizabeth Bowron. These roles are important leadership positions within the organisation involving the management of rule change projects and reviews.



Prabpreet Calais, Senior Adviser

Since joining the AEMC in 2016, Prabpreet has contributed to several key rule changes and reviews focusing on the retail and wholesale energy markets. He has worked on and led projects across the organisation including the 2017 and 2018 retail energy competition reviews, the five-minute settlement rule change and the global settlements rule request.

Prabpreet previously worked for the Climate Change Authority and the Commonwealth Department of Environment; and Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. He holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics (Hons) from the University of Sydney and a Masters of Integrated Resource Management from the University of Edinburgh.




Daniela Moraes, Senior Adviser

Since joining the AEMC in 2016, Daniela has contributed to a number of major projects, including the DWGM Victorian gas market review and the Five minute settlement rule change and is currently leading the Register of distributed energy resources rule change.

Daniela’s past experience includes economic regulation, strategy and mergers and acquisitions. Daniela worked previously at Origin Energy, as part of its energy markets strategy and valuations team. She holds a bachelor degree (Hons) in Business from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil; a Masters in Financial Analysis from the University of NSW; and a specialisation in Utility regulation and Strategy at the University of Florida in the US.




Elizabeth Bowron, Senior Adviser

Since joining the AEMC in 2017, Elizabeth has led two rule changes facilitating system restart ancillary services capability testing and improving the transparency and consistency of medium term reliability forecasts. She is currently working with the team reviewing coordination of generation and transmission investment in the national electricity market.

Elizabeth’s past experience includes negotiating and facilitating market access for agricultural exports at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC, and indigenous policy development and implementation with the Australian government. She holds a Bachelor of International Relations (Hons) and a Master of International Law, both from the Australian National University.