These Rule changes are being initiated by the AEMC to correct minor errors and make non-material changes to the National Electricity Rules and the National Gas Rules (the Rules) to improve their quality.

As with previous AEMC initiated rules, these minor corrections and non-material changes will make the Rules clearer to stakeholders.

This Rule proposal seeks to:

  • correct several minor errors, including formatting, typographical and cross referencing anomalies in the Rules;
  • omit Chapter 10 definitions that are not used in the NER;
  • insert notes relating to civil penalty and conduct provisions in the NGR;
  • remove expired provisions from the Rules; and
  •  insert notes to assist readers of the Rules to find information on the current values of the market price cap and cumulative price threshold.

Any written objections to the expedited process must be received by 24 April 2014.

The Commission invites parties to provide submissions on the proposal by 8 May 2014.