The AEMC today published a guide to the National Energy Customer Framework (NECF) – and how it operates in each state and territory.

The NECF is one of the Council of Australian Government’s energy market reforms. It implements the Council’s aim to transfer regulation of the sale and supply of electricity and gas to retail customers from a state-based system to a national regime.

The package includes a number of obligations including quality of information on bills, marketing regulation, and mandatory hardship programs which require every retailer to help customers in financial trouble. As part of NECF a free, independent energy comparison website was launched and you can access the service online by visiting the Australian Government’s Energy Made Easy website or by calling the energy hotline on 1300 585 165.

The NECF consists of the National Energy Retail Law, Rules and Regulations and amendments to the National Electricity Rules and National Gas Rules. The extent to which each of those instruments applies in each state and territory depends on the application legislation passed by each jurisdiction.

The NECF has now commenced in the Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales and Commonwealth jurisdictions. States and territories that have not yet adopted the customer framework remain responsible for regulating retail energy markets. Western Australia and the Northern Territory do not propose to implement the framework.

The AEMC has developed this guide to help people affected by the NECF, particularly consumers and their representatives, better understand how the NECF currently applies in each state and territory. The NECF is applied in each jurisdiction through state or territory laws, which can also modify the application of parts of the NECF in each specific jurisdiction. As a result, there are effectively different versions of the NECF that apply in each state or territory.

The AEMC guide includes:

  • A high-level diagram showing relevant NECF legislation and related documents at national, federal and jurisdictional levels.
  • A detailed spreadsheet showing how NECF provisions have been modified in each state or territory.

For more information:

AEMC Senior Director (acting), Richard Owens (02) 8296 7800

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