The Australian Energy Market Commission has made a final determination and final rule in response to the Meter Replacement Processes rule change request submitted by ERM Power. The final rule is a more preferred rule.

The final rule introduces requirements for AEMO’s Market Settlements and Transfer Solution (MSATS) procedures that support a reduction in time in the period between completion of the retail transfer process and the installation of a new meter at a connection point, as well as providing clarity on the rights and obligations of parties at a connection point in respect of a replacing a meter during the retail transfer process. This should increase positive customer experiences in the market.

The changes to be introduced under the recently completed expanding competition in metering and related services rule change resolve many of the issues for large customers identified by ERM Power. Under this framework, a large customer will have the right to appoint its own Metering Coordinator, who in turn can undertake the change in a metering installation entirely independent of the retail transfer timelines.

The final rule amends certain provisions in Chapter 7 of the National Electricity Rules (NER) with effect from 1 December 2017. The commencement of these amendments aligns with the implementation of the new framework for metering services under the final rule of the expanding competition in metering and related services rule change.

The final rule also includes transitional provisions that require AEMO to update certain procedures relating to the meter replacement process by 1 September 2016 to take account of the changes made to Chapter 7 of the NER.

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