On 30 August 2012 the AEMC extended the period of time for publication of the final rule determination on the Potential Generator Market Power in the NEM rule change request to 11 April 2013 under section 107 of the National Electricity Law.

In response to the draft rule determination, the AEMC received 12 submissions, some of which included detailed information, from a range of stakeholders. The extension of the time for making the final rule determination will allow the AEMC to undertake further analysis, including further modelling, to assess the issues raised by stakeholders. The AEMC considers that stakeholders have raised issues of sufficient complexity or difficulty so that it is necessary to extend the time to make the final rule determination.  Taking into account stakeholder’s submissions and the further analysis, the Commission will consider whether the MEU’s proposed rule will or is likely to contribute, or a more preferable rule will or is likely to better contribute, to the achievement of the National Electricity Objective.

The Commission anticipates issuing an additional paper for consultation before the end of 2012 to allow stakeholders to comment on the Commission’s further analysis before making the final rule determination by 11 April 2013.