The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) today made a draft rule to help generators under 5MW connect to electricity distribution networks. This is in response to a request from the Clean Energy Council.

Generators embedded into distribution networks are becoming more common, particularly in commercial buildings and shopping centres. These include smaller, unregistered generators such as roof top solar panels and wind turbines.

Today’s draft determination will reduce the barriers to connect these electricity generators to distribution networks while maintaining the safety and reliability of power supply networks for all consumers. It is part of a suite of reforms by the AEMC to support the continuing transformation of Australia’s energy markets at a time when consumers are increasingly driving market outcomes.

The draft rule provides eligible generators with a capacity less than 5MW with the ability to select a connection process that best suits their circumstances. These embedded generators will now be able to choose between a process whose framework is open and flexible or a more prescriptive, detailed and certain process.

Submissions responding to the AEMC’s draft determination and draft rule can be made by 2 October 2014.