The AEMC has published a discussion paper on the connections elements of the COAG Energy Council’s rule change request, which seeks to amend those aspects of the National Electricity Rules (NER) that relate to transmission connection and planning. Australia’s Renewable Energy Target is now legislated and 23% of Australia’s generation will be from renewables by 2020 – requiring connection of large-scale generators to the National Electricity Market.

The discussion paper sets out the Commission’s proposed changes to the transmission connections framework. The planning aspects of the rule change are being progressed separately.

Specifically, the paper sets out the changes that the Commission proposes to make to improve the transparency, contestability and clarity in the transmission connections rules, while still maintaining clear accountability for shared network outcomes.

The Transmission Frameworks Review made recommendations to improve the provision and utilisation of electricity transmission services. The review proposed ways to facilitate more efficient connections between generators and transmission networks – the subject of this rule change request. It is important that the connections framework is flexible to enable all current and future sources of electricity generation and load to connect to the network effectively. The rule change request is being considered as part of the AEMC’s long-term reform program to develop the best framework to underpin whatever market transformation eventuates.

Stakeholders are invited to make written submissions on the discussion paper by 30 June 2016. AEMC staff are also happy to arrange confidential meetings for stakeholders who would prefer not to make a public submission.

The AEMC, with Commissioners in attendance, will be hosting a public forum on the discussion paper in Sydney on 16 June 2016. A draft agenda is now available. Registration for the forum is available here. Please register by 11 June 2016.

If you have any questions, please contact Claire Richards at or on (02) 8296 7878.