The Australian Energy Market Commission seeks submissions on a directions paper presenting the proposed policy response to the Meter Replacement Processes rule change request submitted by ERM Power.

This directions paper only deals with replacement of meters, where a consumer has asked for a new retail service which may be supported by a new meter.

The request aims to clarify rule requirements on when meters can be changed during the switching process so that energy service providers are clear on their roles and obligations – increasing the metering framework’s efficiency.

The Commission has extended the time to make a draft rule determination on this rule change until 17 December 2015. This extension is due to the complexity and difficulty arising from making changes to the rules at the same time as assessing other changes relating to metering.

The Commission’s proposed policy position is the National Electricity Rules be amended to:

  • clarify that an incoming retailer cannot require a metering installation to be changed at a connection point until the retail transfer is complete;
  • provide that during the retail transfer period an incoming retailer can nominate parties such as the Meter Provider and Meter Data Provider to undertake certain roles at a connection point, and that such nominated parties cannot commence these roles until the day the retail transfer is completed; and
  • clarify that commercial arrangements can be entered into between incoming and incumbent parties at a connection point, so the incumbent parties can churn the meter on behalf of the incoming parties during the retail transfer period.

The Commission considers that this policy proposal maintains certainty of obligations and roles of parties at a connection point, while reducing the time for a retailer to change the meter of a new customer.

The issues raised in this rule change are being considered in the context of the related Competition in Metering and Related Services rule change, which aims to remove the networks’ effective metering monopoly and allow new competitors to offer metering services for all customers.

Submissions on the directions paper close 8 October 2015 and will be incorporated into the draft determination.  

For more information:

Media: Prudence Anderson, Communications Manager, 02 8296 7800