Extension for two rule change determinations

The AEMC announced today  we will extend consideration of two rule change proposals:

  • Introducing a market for “synchronous services”, including inertia, voltage control and fault level/system strength (proposed by Hydro Tasmania) 
  • Introducing a capacity commitment mechanism that would provide day-ahead access to operational energy reserves and other system security or reliability services (proposed by Delta Electricity). 

The draft determinations for each proposal will now be published on 16 December 2021.

We will also publish a joint policy directions paper on each of the rule change proposals in September 2021.

The extensions are required because: 

  • The issues raised in both the rule change requests are complex and give rise to policy design decisions that are interrelated to those in other ongoing rule changes, such as the rule change request on the efficient management of system strength on the power system, which is not yet complete
  • The rule change requests are also being considered in the context of the ESB post 2025 market design program, and in collaboration with relevant market bodies. 

No formal consultation will take place during this extension period, but the Commission will continue to undertake informal consultation.

Visit the project page for more information and contact details.