In November 2015, the AEMC released a consultation paper on COAG Energy Council’s proposal to create a demand response mechanism in the spot market, and allow third-party provision of market ancillary services to AEMO without the requirement of being a customer in the spot market.

The proposed rule change proposes changes to several chapters of the National Electricity Rules. The consultation sought stakeholders’ feedback on the major issues that need to be considered by the Commission, as well as on AEMO’s detailed design proposal published in 2013.

The rule change proposal is part the broader package of reforms to support greater demand side participation in the National Electricity Market, and was recommended in the Power of Choice review published on 30 November 2012.

The AEMC is providing a further notice that it is extending the period of time for making a draft rule determination and, if needed, a draft rule, under section 107 of the National Electricity Law until 28 July 2016. This additional extension of time is required because the rule change raises sufficiently complex issues that require further detailed consideration.