Today the Australian Energy Market Commission Chair, Anna Collyer, will also take up her chairing role for the Energy Security Board (ESB), charged with delivering the Post-2025 energy market reforms to create a power system fit for the future.

The new three-member board includes the heads of the other two energy market bodies – Australian Energy Market Operator CEO and Managing Director, Daniel Westerman, and Australian Energy Regulator Chair, Clare Savage.

“I am looking forward to continuing the close and collegiate working relationship that already exists between the energy market bodies as we deliver on this critical package of reforms,” Ms Collyer said.

Ms Collyer acknowledged the achievements of the ESB’s former independent Chair Dr Kerry Schott AO.

“Kerry’s formidable intellect and talents have placed us in an excellent position to take this once-in-a-generation opportunity to redesign the national electricity market as a centrepiece of our decarbonised economy,” she said.

Dr Schott and Deputy Chair Mr David Swift completed their terms on 31 October. Ms Collyer also thanked Mr Swift for his depth of experience and knowledge of the sector.

“It has been a privilege to work with Kerry and David – their leadership, expertise, forethought and hard work have been instrumental in developing the suite of reforms we will now progress,” she said.

Ms Collyer welcomed the confirmation of the Energy Security Board’s (ESB) energy market reform package and governance arrangements to deliver a power system fit for the future.

Ms Collyer said the Energy Ministers had supported the ESB’s Post-2025 reform package in August, and this announcement from National Cabinet cleared the way to commence work, including areas requiring further detailed design and additional consultation.

Ms Collyer said Australia was creating an energy future that looks very different to the one we have today.

“This means more than just adapting to the rapid change we see already. It means visualising and preparing for the shifts yet to come with accelerated technological and social change,” she said

“Delivering on the ESB market reform package will need ongoing, honest and open dialogue with all energy market stakeholders.

“I welcome these conversations as we work on solutions together and keep our eye on the long-term goal of a decarbonised energy market that is reliable, affordable and focussed on the needs of its consumers.”


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