The AEMC has today commenced the process of appointing representatives for Market Customers and Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSPs) to the Reliability Panel for the next three years.  Market Customers and DNSPs should start considering their preferred candidates for these roles.

The Reliability Panel was established by the AEMC. Its core functions relate to the safety, security and reliability of the national electricity system.  Its work program is driven by specific but critical responsibilities set out in the National Electricity Rules (NER). 

It makes a number of technical standards and guidelines, as well as undertaking reviews and providing advice on matters relating to power system security and reliability of supply.

The membership requirements of the Reliability Panel are set out in the NER.  The membership of the Panel must consist of:

  • a Commissioner of the AEMC appointed to act as Chairperson of the Panel
  • the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Energy Market Operator or its delegate; and
  • at least five but not more than eight other persons appointed by the AEMC for a period of up to three years, such persons to include:
    • a person representing Generators;
    • a person representing Market Customers;
    • a person representing Transmission Network Service Providers;
    • a person representing Distribution Network Service Providers; and
    • a person representing the interests of end use customers for electricity.

The current member representing DNSPs is Trevor Armstrong from Ausgrid and the current member representing Market Customers is Richard Wrightson from AGL. Both of their terms will expire on 31 December 2016.

The Commission is about to begin the process of appointing new representatives for DNSPs and Market Customers to the Panel.  All registered Market Customers and DNSPs will soon receive a pack which they can use to nominate candidates for Reliability Panel membership.

Upon receiving nominations from participants, the Commission will prepare a shortlist for approval. Under the NER, the Commission must receive approvals from one third of the relevant category of registered participants before an individual can be appointed to the Panel.

The Commission also notes that the term for the representative for the interests of end-use customers for electricity, Gavin Dufty, also expires on 31 December 2016. The Commission will shortly commence the process relating to this representative.

For more information, contact:

Director: Victoria Mollard, 02 8296 7872

Adviser: Ben Hiron, 02 8296 7855

Media: Communications Manager: Prudence Anderson, 02 8296 7800