The AEMC has amended the timelines for when it will publish a report for its review into the South Australian black system event. We intend to proceed direct to a final report in December 2019, to allow for adequate consideration of feedback, and to further engage with interested stakeholders.

On 16 August 2019 the Commission published a staff discussion paper and conducted a round of public consultation on potential changes in the rules. Public consultation on this discussion paper closed on 3 October and the Commission received 11 submissions in total. 

Many stakeholders expressed support for the proposals put forward in the paper.  Submissions also raised some important issues, which require further consideration by the Commission.  

Proceeding directly to a final report in December will provide scope to properly address this valuable stakeholder feedback, as well as providing:

  • additional time to gather data and evidence informing Commission policy positions
  • additional scope for targeted consultation with key stakeholders and the technical working group the Commission has convened for the review
  • the development of proposed rule changes and drafting to be included in the final report, thereby enhancing consultation through future rule change processes.

The Commission intends to include draft rules and rule change requests with the final report, to be sent to the COAG Energy Council, in December 2019. There will be further opportunities for stakeholder consultation once those rule change requests are formally submitted to the AEMC.

Media: Prudence Anderson, Communication Director, 0404 821 935; (02) 8296 7817