The Australian Energy Market Commission has clarified in a draft determination that the National Electricity Rules apply during periods of market suspension such as black system events – with no changes to the rules required. 

The AEMC today released a draft determination on a rule change proposal and is seeking submissions on the draft determination.

The then COAG Energy Council submitted a rule change request aimed at clarifying the applicability of the rules during a period of market suspension. It also sought to allow flexibility in how the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) complies with aspects of the rules during a period of market suspension. 

The Commission has determined not to make the proposed rule change. This is because the Commission considers that further clarifying the rules may create uncertainty or confusion in relation to the interpretation of the Rules. It also recognises that circumstances have changed since the rule change was submitted, with a number of the recommendations made by the Australian Energy Regulator in its Black System Event report relating to market suspension being acted on.

The draft determination follows the publication of a consultation paper and stakeholder feedback. No submissions supported all aspects of the rule change request, including those from the AER and AEMO. 

The Commission is inviting feedback from stakeholders by the 13 May 2021. It intends to publish its final determination on the 24 June 2021. 


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