The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) will seek feedback on initiating the Amending the administered price cap rule change under an expedited process.  

We will publish a consultation paper in early August to assist stakeholders interested in the proposal. The consultation paper will outline factors the Commission considered to determine whether the request be treated under an expedited process. A decision to expedite the process does not indicate a Commission position on the substance of the rule change.  

Stakeholders can object to the rule change being made under an expedited rule change process and we request you contact Commission staff before doing so. The consultation paper will include a step-by-step guide for those considering lodging an objection. Please note there are only two weeks to object from the date we publish the consultation paper.  

After we publish the consultation paper, we will welcome submissions from all stakeholders to provide input on this proposed rule change. The Commission will also hold a public forum on the rule change proposal in the weeks following publication. Stakeholders will have the opportunity to register for the forum on the project webpage.  

The focus of the AEMC is on running a thorough and transparent process in the long-term interests of energy consumers in accordance with the National Electricity Objective. 

For media inquiries:  

Contact: Georginia Kentwell: 0411 043 964 Jessica Rich: 0459 918 964