Rule Change: Completed


On 25 February 2021, the AEMC published the self-initiated Minor changes 1 2021 rule change proposal.
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On 25 February 2021, the AEMC published the self-initiated Minor changes 1 2021 rule change proposal.  

The rule change proposal was being initiated by the AEMC to correct minor errors and make non-material changes to the National Electricity Rules (NER) to improve their quality.  As with previous AEMC initiated rules, these minor corrections and non-material changes make the rules clearer to stakeholders.

The key features of the final rule are:

  • simplify and ensure consistency across the NER, including changing references to the "National Electricity Law" to "NEL" and moving local definitions in Chapter 9 out of a table into the format used elsewhere in the NER;
  • remove duplication in definitions that resulted from a drafting error in the National Electricity Amendment (Simplification of NER definitions) Rule 2020 No. 17, including omitting definitions in Chapter 10 that cross-reference definitions set out in clause 6B.A1.2 (for example, "date of issue" and "network charges");
  • correct a cross-reference in the definition of "customer energy" in clause 11.52.1(d) from "clause 3.15.6A(o)(3)" to "clause 3.15.6A(a0)"; and
  • correct punctuation and formatting errors, including italicisation and bolding of defined terms.

The final rule is largely the same as the proposed rule. The differences between the final rule and the proposed rule are limited to rectifying the typographical error identified by TasNetworks in its submission.

Submissions to the rule change proposal closed on 25 March 2021. 

The Commission considers that the final rule will improve the quality of the NER in terms of accuracy and consistency and is likely to contribute to the achievement of the NEO. As with previous similar rule changes initiated by the Commission, these minor corrections and non material changes make the NER clearer to stakeholders. This is important as the Rules inform stakeholders of their rights and obligations for participating in the national electricity market.

The Commission undertook an expedited process for this rule change request as it is considered non-controversial. Under an expedited rule making process, a final rule determination must be made within eight weeks of the initiation of the process under the uniform energy rules.

The AEMC did not receive any objections to it assessing the rules under the expedited rule making process.

The AEMC has made a final rule determination to make the Minor changes 1 2021.


On 25 February 2021, the AEMC gave notice under sections 95 and 96(1)(a) of the National Electricity Law to initiate the proposed National Electricity Amendment (Minor changes 1) Rule 2021 under the expedited Rule making process.

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