The AEMC will publish a directions paper for its review into the coordination of generation and transmission investment in August 2018, rather than a final report as previously advised.

This review is looking at ways to improve the coordination of generation and transmission investment so new electricity supply can be added to the system at the lowest possible cost.  The directions paper will focus on the changes required to the regulatory framework to accommodate a more strategic approach to transmission planning, as well as developments since the publication of discussion paper in April. 

The decision to extend this review is in response to stakeholder comments on the need for a coordinated approach to this issue. The timing of the directions paper is designed so that stakeholder can consider the regulatory issues arising from the work of the AER on the Review of the application guidelines for the regulatory investment tests and AEMO on the Integrated System Plan. The directions paper will also be an input into the work of the Energy Security Board.

We will continue to engage with stakeholders throughout the review. The additional paper will be open to public consultation and will allow stakeholders to tell us their views on ways the regulatory framework can adapt so that the transmission network can continue to meet the needs of consumers at lowest cost.