The AEMC has published the First Interim Report for the Transmission Frameworks Review. This report sets out five alternate paths for reforming the role and provision of transmission networks. These range from packages that are similar to the current arrangements whereby generators are not entitled to a defined level of transmission service but are not required to pay for network use, to packages that redefine the rights that generators have to use the transmission network.

The First Interim Report also sets out options for enhancing the planning and connection arrangements. These could apply under the current or alternative arrangements.

The Commission has not identified any preferred options at this stage of the review.

The Commission is seeking stakeholder views on these proposals which, combined with further analysis, will inform the next stage of this review. Submissions are due on 27 January 2012.

A public forum will be held on 12 December 2011 in Melbourne. Please register on the AEMC website.