From the week commencing 13 March 2017, AEMC announcements of statutory decisions will be published on our website on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays.

This is because the publication day for the South Australian Gazette has changed.

Under the National Energy Laws, the AEMC is required to publish notices of key statutory decisions including the commencement of Rules, draft and final rule determinations and statutory time extensions in the South Australian Gazette.

This change does not affect the statutory deadlines for rule change processes that are already underway.

All new rule changes will be commence on a Tuesday and therefore have statutory deadlines that fall on Tuesdays (e.g. deadlines for making of determinations and statutory extensions).

Notices of COAG Energy Council directed reviews will also be published on a Tuesday.

The AEMC’s e-newsletter will be sent to subscribers on Tuesdays from today.

For a small number of rule changes already scheduled for March publication, the AEMC may ask the South Australian Gazette to publish a supplementary Thursday issue in order to meet statutory deadlines. If this happens additional newsletters may be published during the week.


For more information:
Catriona Webster (02) 8296 7836