We have uploaded submissions from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and Stanwell Corporation on our Reliability frameworks review. This review is looking at ways to make enough energy available for consumers when they need it – at the lowest cost.

These additional submissions, now on our website, add to the wide range of feedback from consumer representatives, new technology companies, generators, retailers, industry associations and private individuals. 

Key areas of the review include Finkel recommendations to consider:

  • the suitability of introducing a day-ahead market into the NEM
  • the need for a strategic reserve as an enhancement or replacement to the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT)
  • the development of a mechanism to facilitate demand response. 

In the context of the strategic reserve workstream, AEMO has recently submitted two rule changes requests on the RERT. These requests will be initiated shortly.

The review is being coordinated with other related work, in particular the national energy guarantee currently being designed by the Energy Security Board (which includes the AEMC, AEMO and the Australian Energy Regulator). The national energy guarantee is integrating climate change and energy policy to provide the right signals for longer-term investment in low emissions technologies, while allowing the system to continue to operate reliably. 

A directions paper is due later this month.

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