The AEMC has started asking stakeholders who participate in our reviews and rule changes for feedback on the quality of our consultation processes. The first survey conducted in June involved 122 people who had engaged with us on nine rule changes and two reviews.

Research shows stakeholders are generally satisfied with our approach to consultation. But there is room for improvement – particularly in terms of demonstrating how different views have been taken into account, and the overall timeliness of our work.

We are evaluating the survey outcomes, and will continue to survey stakeholders on an ongoing basis. Our target is for 25% of projects conducted each year to initiate a consultation survey upon project completion. The survey results will contribute to our efforts for continual improvement in our organization and will also build on changes that the AEMC will be implementing following the completion of the Review of Governance Arrangements for Australian Energy Markets. Over the coming weeks we will implement a range of initial actions, that can be put in place quickly, in response to the first tranche of survey results:

  • We will phone individual stakeholders or hold teleconferences with stakeholders at the release of draft/final determinations and reports to explain our conclusions and how stakeholder views have been taken into account;
  • Once available we will put an expected initiation date on our website for pending, but not yet initiated, rule changes;
  • Project leader contact details will be available on our website project pages;
  • Engagement calendars on the website will be expanded to include more information on project extensions and projects awaiting initiation.


For information contact:

AEMC Chief Executive Paul Smith (02) 8296 7800

Media: Communications Manager, Prudence Anderson 0404 821 935 or (02) 8296 7817