Comparing energy plans on Energy Made Easy has never been easier. 

The Australian Energy Regulator has improved its free and independent Energy Made Easy website, so consumers and small businesses in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory, can keep making informed energy choices. 

So what’s new on Energy Made Easy

You can now search for a new energy plan in more ways. 

New features at a glance

Two additional pathways when searching for an energy plan for more personalised results – consumers and small businesses can now search by asking us to collect their metering data from AEMO or by uploading a PDF bill 

Dynamic translation so users can now translate the entire website into 33 different languages 

Retailer solar feed-in credits are now included in estimated plan costs if users have solar panels and provide their solar generation data when searching for a plan 

Revised, more helpful search experience, including suburb and postcode look-up 

Enhancements to the website’s design, accessibility and general operation. 

Consumers and small business

For personalised results – or if you’re a small business – you can provide your National Metering Identifier and Energy Made Easy will collect your meter data from the Australian Energy Market Operator. You can also upload one or more of your recent electronic bills to the website or you can manually enter your energy use details from your paper bills. Or, if you’re a consumer, you can still search for a plan without providing any personal or energy use information.

Solar panel owners

If you have solar panels and provide your solar generation data through your uploaded bill or manual data entry, solar feed-in credits are now included in the estimated plan costs you will see in your search results. This will help you compare more accurately your current energy plan with all the other plans available in your area from all retailers. 


And if you need energy information in another language, you can choose to search for a new plan or read about energy in more than 30 languages on the website. Just click on a button to select your preferred language and all of the information on the website will be translated automatically. 

Energy Made Easy videos 

The Australian Energy Regulator has released videos about on new ways users can search the Energy Made Easy website: 

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