The AEMC today published a revised version of AEMO’s proposed Primary frequency response requirements. This document is part of AEMO’s rule change request to introduce a mandatory requirement for all registered generators to help provide primary frequency response in the national electricity market.

On 19 September 2019 the AEMC published a consultation paper in relation to three rule change requests - including AEMO’s - relating to how electricity generators operate their equipment to help control the frequency in the power system

Stable frequency is an important part of maintaining a secure power system. Frequency varies whenever electricity supply does not exactly match consumer demand. Uncontrolled changes in frequency can cause blackouts. 

AEMO’s preliminary technical specification was submitted to the AEMC alongside its Mandatory primary frequency response rule change request. The revised Primary frequency response requirements document seeks to clarify technical requirements, in response to discussions between AEMO and stakeholders.

Submissions on the consultation paper are due by 31 October 2019.

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