The Commission values the input of our stakeholders and recognises the review of consultation material takes time.

We are releasing a range of draft determinations and consultation papers on Thursday 18 December, as required by our statutory timelines. The projects impacted include Governance Arrangements and Reliability Standards, System RAS, Bidding in Good Faith and Generator Ramp Rates.

The Christmas period can be a challenging time to engage on these issues and so we are extending the usual consultation timeframes for these projects and staggering the submission deadlines.

We hope this helps organisations manage their workload over the holiday period. The consultation period for the two options papers will be 6-8 weeks, up from the usual 4 weeks. Consultation for two draft determinations will be carried out over 7-9 weeks, up from the usual 6 weeks. 

To help coordinate consultation around these documents, a teleconference will be held to provide an overview of each document and the revised timeline for submissions. No feedback is requested on the documents at the teleconference.