Every two years the AEMC considers the strategic priorities for the development of Australia’s electricity and natural gas markets.

We are holding a public forum in Sydney on the morning of 30 September 2015 on key issues facing the development of the energy markets.

A Discussion Paper on the draft 2015 Strategic Priorities for Energy Market Development will be released prior to the forum to help start the discussion.

The forum will give you opportunity to share views with the AEMC, other energy market participants and consumer groups on the challenges and priorities for Australian energy markets over the coming years, prior to the AEMC finalising the priorities in November 2015.

The forum will be held in Sydney. Details on forum time, venue and agenda will be confirmed shortly.

If you wish to attend the public forum, please register online by Friday 25 September 2015.

Please note that the AEMC is holding two public forums on 30 September 2015. Following the Strategic Priorities forum the AEMC is holding a separate forum at the same venue on the East Coast Gas Market and Pipeline Frameworks Review and Victorian Declared Wholesale Gas Market Review. Please refer to its project page for further information.