The Australian Energy Market Commission today published a second guide to assist stakeholders understand particular aspects of our work. The guide outlines the process for making changes to energy market rules.

It was developed in consultation with consumer groups, industry and other energy market participants, and includes tips for stakeholders on how to submit a rule change request or lodge a submission. It also sets out how we engage with stakeholders to enable meaningful input that helps shape our thinking.

The guide has two parts:

  • the first part outlines the processes involved in a rule change, from the initial rule change request to submissions, and tips for stakeholder engagement at each stage. It also provides the context for our processes such as our legal obligations and the value of early engagement.
  • the second part describes instances where the standard rule change process may differ and highlights our rationale for this.

One of the things that makes Australia’s energy market framework particularly unique is that reform is in everyone’s hands.

Any stakeholder including governments, industry and consumers can request rule changes. The AEMC cannot propose rules, except for minor changes such as corrections.

The Commission considers the guide to be a 'living' document which will be refined and updated over time. We welcome stakeholder feedback. Any questions or comments should be directed to Tom Walker ( or or phone 02 8296 7800.

The first guide in the series, on how the AEMC applies the national energy objectives in our rule changes, reviews and advice to government, is available here.

Media: Prudence Anderson, Communications Director, 0404 821 935 or (02) 8296 7817