The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) today published a new guide for stakeholders on how we apply the national energy objectives in our rule changes, reviews and advice to governments.

The guide, developed in consultation with consumer groups and other market participants, aims to help stakeholders better understand our approach to decision making and also support stakeholders in developing rule change requests and submissions.

All of the AEMC’s work must have regard to the three legislated national energy objectives: the National Electricity Objective, the National Gas Objective and the National Energy Retail Objective. Each objective requires us to focus on the long-term interests of energy consumers in our rule-making and reviews. The guide explains the elements that make up the objectives, how we apply the objectives in our work, and how we may only make a rule or a recommendation if it is likely to help achieve the energy objectives.

This guide is the first in a series of documents that will be published on our website to inform stakeholders on aspects of our work. Future guides will include the rule change process and how to engage with us to submit a rule change or submission.

The guide is a 'living' document and we welcome stakeholders’ feedback. Any questions or comments on the guide should be sent to Victoria Mollard at or Therese Grace at or phone 02 8296 7800.