The AEMC has assumed rule making responsibility for the National Energy Retail Rules which commenced on 1 July 2012.

“On 1 July, the jurisdictions of Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory and the Commonwealth became the first jurisdictions to implement a significant energy market reform, initiated by the Council of Australian Governments to introduce a national regulatory regime governing the sale and supply of energy,” AEMC Chief Executive, Steven Graham, said today..

Other jurisdictions are expected to follow in accordance with their own implementation plans.

“The AEMC welcomes the addition of a third set of rules to our stable of national energy market rules – the National Energy Retail Rules are in place and we are ready to fulfil our rule making functions and obligations,” Mr Graham said.

The aim of the new National Energy Retail Law and the National Energy Retail Rules is national consistency in the medium to long term for all stakeholders in the energy market, including:

  • customers – ensuring an efficient level of consumer protection over and above the general law;
  • business – clarifying roles between retailers, distributors and customers; and
  • governments – assuring a smooth transition from jurisdictional arrangements to a national approach.

The AEMC has updated its website in recognition of the commencement of the National Energy Retail Rules so that it now includes a new Retail menu, in addition to the Electricity and Gas menus. This enables visitors to the website to obtain copies of all three sets of rules, as well as guidelines to assist stakeholders in making rule change requests and submissions.