Today we release a package of work that is pertinent to the immediate and critical issue of power system security. 

In these uncertain times, we will focus on how we support industry to deliver and maintain the security and reliability of the power system. This means working together with our colleagues at the Australian Energy Regulator and the Australian Energy Market Operator to find the best way forward. 

Our mandatory primary frequency response final rule will add an extra layer of protection to keeping the power system stable in the face of frequency disturbances. 

And our discussion paper on system strength is looking into what is needed as Australia steps up as a world-leader in the regulation of power systems with large amounts of non-synchronous generation. 

Also today, we release the latest milestone information on the big-picture reforms we are undertaking to address access to the energy grid. This work – in tandem with actioning AEMO’s Integrated System Plan – is a key lever we need to pull in order to address the transmission challenges facing the grid. Both of these levers are fundamental to the Energy Security Board’s market design work. 

All of our work in this area will continue to feed into the ESB market reform process as originally planned and we will be coordinating closely with the ESB on this over the coming months. 

We are taking the time required to do further modelling and analysis and, as always, continuing the important dialogue we’ve been having with you, our stakeholders, on the changes ahead. 

Today’s release includes three reports on access reform, which follow on from COAG Energy Council’s consideration of this issue at its March meeting. 

Suzanne Falvi 
Acting Chief Executive AEMC