We are pleased to introduce Directors Shari Boyd and Christiaan Zuur, and Senior Adviser Ben Noone. Each has made outstanding contributions to market development through rule changes and reviews during their time at the AEMC.
Shari Boyd, Director
Since starting at the AEMC in 2015, Shari has contributed to several key rule changes including retailer-distributor credit support requirements and local generation network credits. With qualifications in finance and law, Shari previously worked in private practice in the areas of administrative and municipal law, and then at the Alberta Utilities Commission working on facilities and tariff setting applications.
Christiaan Zuur, Director
Christiaan joined the AEMC in 2007 and has been involved in a number of major projects including the climate change review, power of choice and the annual retail competition and price trends reviews. With qualifications in media communications and economics, he previously worked for Senator Aden Ridgeway, News Corp and Westminster City Council.
Ben Noone, Senior Adviser
Ben joined the AEMC’s Retail and Wholesale Markets team in 2014, and has worked primarily on price trends reviews and gas rule changes. He is currently leading the five minute settlement rule change which has included authoring working group papers and engagement across a wide range of stakeholders with diverse views on the project. Before the AEMC, Ben worked as a researcher for the Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets.