To assist in the development of a uniform national inter-regional transmission charging methodology, the AEMC has extended the date for publication of the final rule determination and final rule.  This extension will allow for modelling of a single inter-regional transmission charging methodology. 

Modelling of this scenario and various sub options will allow the AEMC to assess the materiality of the differences between the variations to the methodology, assist in determining the appropriate allocation of costs, provide a better understanding of the distributional impact of the design, and contribute to robust policy development.

The AEMC is formally extending the period of time for making a final rule determination.  The purpose of the extension is to allow time to undertake modelling of approaches to uniform national inter-regional transmission charging solutions outlined in the discussion paper of 25 August 2011.  The Commission received a number of submissions in response.  The responses were varied. There was no overall preference for one option.  Issues were raised in relation to each of the options that require additional analysis.

To enable this modelling to take place, the AEMC gave notice on 10 November 2011 to extend the period of time for the making of the final Rule determination to 11 October 2012.