Our aim is to improve public and policy-maker awareness and understanding of energy regulation and its role in addressing a wide spectrum of socio-economic, environmental and market issues. Through ICER, energy regulatory issues can transcend regional and national boundaries and be addressed through dialogue and cooperation on a global scale.

ICER has established its Distinguished Scholar Awards with a view to contributing to an increased reflection on energy regulation policy issues. These Awards acknowledge important contributions made to enhance electricity and gas regulation around the world. In order to promote a broad consideration of the issues and to ensure the applicability of the papers to ICER's diverse membership, ICER will select two recipients for the Distinguished Scholar Award, based on the following categories:

• impact on developing countries;


• "next" practices.

The successful candidates (only one for co-authored papers) will be required to attend WFER VI to receive their award and to present their paper. Expenses for attendance will be reimbursed by ICER.

Papers and Submission Form should be submitted to the following address: award@icer-regulators.net

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All candidate papers must be submitted not later than 1 April 2014