The AEMC has made a final rule that establishes ongoing reporting requirements on AEMO with respect to the frequency performance of the power system, and on the AER in relation to frequency control ancillary services (FCAS) market outcomes. 

The rule change request was submitted by AEMO and the AER to action the recommendations made by the AEMC in its Frequency control frameworks review final report, which, among other things, was aimed at improving the transparency of the framework. 

The frequency control framework is central to maintaining the stability of the power system, which operates within defined technical limits.

The key features of the final rule require:

  • the AER to report on FCAS market data on a quarterly basis and provide commentary on the key trends it sees
  • AEMO to provide weekly information on key frequency performance data
  • AEMO to report more comprehensively on frequency performance against the frequency operating standard on a quarterly basis.    

The final rule improves the transparency and consistency of information provided to the market in relation to frequency performance and FCAS market outcomes, which will help market participants make better-informed decisions. This is especially important given the degradation of frequency performance in the NEM that is being observed. This request was submitted as two separate rule change proposals. These were consolidated, as they both raise issues related to the frequency control framework.

This rule change was considered non-controversial and followed an expedited rule change process. Nine submissions were received from stakeholders in response to the consultation paper published on 30 May 2019. 

The AEMC’s Frequency control frameworks review final report detailed the Frequency control work plan which in turn sets out actions the Commission, AEMO and the AER will take to support the stable and secure operation of the power system in relation to frequency control. This rule change was part of this collaborative work plan. 

The AEMC has also received two rule change requests in relation to broader issues with primary frequency control. The AEMC will commence these shortly.

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