The AEMC has today released the final rule determination on a request to extend the time AEMO has to determine whether an unintended scheduling result took place in the Victorian declared wholesale gas market.  By extending the timeframe, AEMO will be able to incorporate final settlement data into its decision making process.

Under the final rule, AEMO must publish a decision in response to a request for an investigation of an unintended scheduling result by the later of either:

  • 20 business days after the request was made; or
  • 20 business days after the issue of final statements which include the gas day of the relevant operating schedule.

Under the National Gas Rules, market participants in the Victorian declared wholesale gas market may be eligible for compensation if an unintended scheduling result has occurred.

The AEMC carried out an expedited rule making process on the grounds that the rule change request was a request for a non-controversial rule.

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