The AEMC has decided to make a rule to give the Reliability Panel more flexibility in the manner in which it conducts its public meetings.

The final rule is a more preferable rule which incorporates the intent of some of the changes proposed by the Panel but also makes a number of additional amendments. The AEMC considers that the more preferable rule will, or is likely to, better contribute to the achievement of the National Electricity Objective (NEO) than the proposed rule.

The rule as made addresses the issues raised in the rule change proposal as it:

  • removes the obligation on the Panel to rotate the location of its public meetings between the capital cities of the jurisdictions in the NEM;
  • provides the Panel with the flexibility to decide on the location of its public meetings;
  • requires the Panel to invite the public to the meetings that it holds for each determination and review; and
  • provides the Panel with the flexibility to decide the manner in which to hold its public meetings (via telephone or videoconference for example).

The final rule will commence today, 15 August 2013.